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Coronavirus: Trumps insists chloroquine effective

United States President, Donald Trump has called for chloroquine to be approved for use against the coronavirus.
He insisted that the malaria drug was potent and can be used to cure cases of the global pandemic.

“HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE & AZITHROMYCIN (an antibiotic), taken together, have a real chance to be one of the biggest game changers in the history of medicine,” Trump tweeted on Saturday.
The American leader urged that they “be put in use IMMEDIATELY.”

“What do we have to lose?” he later said at a news conference at the White House.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, in a statement, confirmed it has been working closely with government agencies and academic centres investigating the use of the drug.
It said they will jointly “determine whether it can be used to treat patients with mild-to-moderate Covid-19.”

Similarly, the German Institute for Tropical Medicine has announced plans to hold human trial for chloroquine.

In Nigeria, Lagos State Government says it will conduct a clinical trial to confirm the effectiveness of chloroquine.
Nigeria now officially recorded 27 cases of of sunday 22 March 2020.

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Nigeria requests $3.7bn facility from AfDB, IMF, World Bank, REDISSE

Nigeria has requested the sum of $3.5billion from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the African Development Bank (AfDB) to fund the 2020 Budget
Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Mrs Zainab Ahmed, said this at a news conference in Abuja on Monday.

Ahmed revealed that the $2.5billion request to the IMF was on behalf of the states and federal government, while $1billion is being expected from AfDB.
She disclosed that the IMF COVID-19 Rapid Credit Facility would be drawn from Nigeria’s existing holdings with the World Bank Group and the IMF.

The minister explained that the loan would not be tied to conditionalities, stressing that Nigeria does not intend to negotiate or enter into a formal programme with the IMF at this time or in the nearest future.

Ahmed also disclosed that the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) had access to a Regional Disease Surveillance Systems (REDISSE) facility from the World Bank to the tune of $90million.
Out of this, $8million has been drawn for the coronavirus fight, while the country requested to fully draw down on the outstanding balance of $82million.

“The government has also requested for additional financing of $100million from the REDISSE project to meet COVID-19 emergency needs in all the 36 States and the FCT, through the NCDC and Federal Ministry of Health.

“This will enable us expand the capacity of intensive Care Units (ICUs), enhance laboratory capacity, accelerate the procurement of test kits, strengthen surveillance mechanisms as well as improve information management”, the minister added.

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Elizabeth Oyeniyi: Gov. Yahaya Bello under fire over alleged rape of Kogi beauty queen by commissioner, Danga

A prominent civil rights advocacy group, Human Rights Writers Association of Nigeria, HURIWA, has asked the National Human Rights Commission, NHRC; office of the Inspector General of Police; office of the Federal Attorney General and Minister of Justice and the National Agency Against Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP), to take over investigation into the alleged sexual attacks and physical torture of Kogi State beauty queen, Miss Elizabeth Oyeniyi, by a serving commissioner, Abdulmuminu Danga.

The group insisted that the matter must not be swept under the carpet of impunity.
The group insisted that the matter must not be swept under the carpet of impunity.

Women’s Rights Organisations in the country had earlier called on Kogi State Governor Alhaji Yahaya Bello, to as a matter of urgency suspend the Commissioner for Water Resources, Abdulmumuni Danga, for allegedly beating and raping a lady in the state until the investigation is concluded, adding that this will enable a level playing-ground for investigation.

HURIWA on its lamented that the Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, has not taken drastic measures to punish his staff accused of kidnapping and raping a citizen only because she criticised him on the social media.
Kogi State has just had a tumultuous election in which violence took the centre stage with armed political thugs using violence to return the All Progressives Congress governor to power,” HURIWA claimed in a statement signed by its National Coordinator, Emmanuel Onwubiko and made available to DAILY POST on Sunday.

“It is alleged that most of the newly-appointed commissioners may have worked as political thugs or those who procured disposable armed political thugs who manipulated that shameful election in which even the Inspector-General of Police Mohammed Adamu publicly admitted that armed political thugs were better armed than the regular police.
It is usually the practice in most states that after elections those who helped to instal the governor are rewarded. Kogi is not an exception.

“So it may be practically impossible for the governor of Kogi State to professionally supervise any independent investigation into the allegations of abduction, false imprisonment and alleged rape of a citizen.

“HURIWA has learnt that governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State has ordered accelerated investigation into the alleged battering and rape of a beauty queen, Elizabeth Oyeniyi, by the state Commissioner for Water Resources, Abdumumini Danga.
However, we are not comfortable with this politically tainted investigation ordered by the governor. This probe will end up in a cover up.

“The best bet is for the Federal Attorney General and Minister of Justice to step in and request the office of the Inspector General of Police Mohammed Adamu to investigate the allegations and for the Federal Attorney General and Minister of Justice to personally file a matter of rape if the investigations reach a considered conclusion that indeed the beauty queen was raped by the Kogi state commissioner.
The Inspector General of Police and the Director General of Department of States Services should protect this victim of a high profile Kogi State official who has the capacity to harm the victim for daring to report him to the relevant authorities after she faced the ordeals of physical and psychological tortures.”

HURIWA recalled that the beauty Queen, Miss, Oyeniyi had on March 29, 2020, made a post on her Facebook page about Danga not taking care of his sibling, who is her friend. It was gathered that the post did not go down well with Danga and he allegedly ordered his boys to look for Oyeniyi and beat her up.
The victim told an Abuja human rights activist that after she was beaten by the boys, she was ordered to strip naked and apologise to the commissioner thereafter. The 23-year-old beauty queen added that the commissioner took her to a hotel and raped her.

She said, “I left Abuja for Okene to stay with my friend because of the spread of the COVID-19 and on getting there, she explained to me that the commissioner, who is her stepbrother, had not been taking care of her.

“I saw a post made by a local comedian showing the commissioner distributing foodstuffs to people and I made a post that charity should begin at home and that the commissioner should take care of his household before taking care of outsiders.
The comedian saw the post and screenshot it after insulting me in the comment section for making that kind of post. An hour later, some guys came to my friend’s house to pick us up on the instructions of the commissioner and they took us to Lokoja.

“On getting to Lokoja, I was beaten up by the commissioner and his boys; I was asked to strip naked and a video was made and my friend and I were made to apologise under duress to his fans and him that what I posted about him was wrong. He later took me to a hotel for the night and forcefully had sex with me.

“I have been living in fear of what they might do to me, because they threatened to pour acid on me and take my life. The commissioner is threatening me to come out and drop the case. I want justice to be served, because he treated me like an animal and said nobody would fight for me.”
HURIWA has therefore asked the Federal Government not to stand by and watch this victim of alleged rape further threatened by the commissioner even as the rights group said the wife of President Muhammadu Buhari should take interest in this matter by ensuring that the Minister of Women Affairs should step in and provide technical support for this beauty queen who is reportedly afraid for her life.”

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Coronavirus: We’re all fake believers – Pastor Giwa blasts Christians

Senior Pastor of Awaiting The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ Ministry, Adewale Giwa has urged Nigerian government to allow churches to worship and fellowship with the purpose of putting the devil to shame.
Giwa, who stated this in a statement forwarded to media houses on Thursday, also charged Christians across the globe to wake up and defeat the devil.

According to him, you can’t fight the devil when congregations are banned from worshipping together.
In the Book of Mathew 18:20, Jesus says where two or three are gathered, I will be there. Telling churches to close their doors to their flocks is a ploy to weaken Christians while empowering the devil,” he declared.

The cleric said it was now glaring that the outbreak of covid-19 epidemic was deliberately planted to weaken and distract Christians from serving God.

He said, “I wonder how our God will be feeling knowing that millions of people all over the world who claim to love Him, pray to Him, and sing praises to Him are all fake.
We all gladly ran away from church at the mention of orchestrated Coronavirus. I am very saddened by this thought and I pray God to forgive all of us, fake believers.

“We shut down without putting up a fight for Christ. I am reminded of Apostle Peter who denied Christ three times before the rooster crowed. I pray Jehovah to forgive my ignorance and I implore all of you to join me in prayers and supplication to our unshakable Jehovah.

“Jesus said it in the book of Matthew 10:39 that he who finds his life would lose it, and he who loses his life for His sake would find it.” We abandoned the church to preserve our lives instead of losing our lives while fighting to keep God’s supposed church.
Please, let us all get down on our knees for the next three – four weeks and pray against this attempt at introducing the antichrist prematurely to the world.”

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